Window U-Trim


Essential for covering the exposed metal edges when fitting windows. Excellent finish.

Sold per metre

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This trim is essential for when fitting side/rear windows to your van.

Manufactured to our own specification this easy to use trim covers both the inner and outer lips leaving a superb finish. Perfect for both carpet lined vans or standard.

Priced at ?2.35 per metre. Quantity ordered 1 = 1m, Quantity ordered 2 = 2m etc. Postage ?3.40 remains the same regardless of quantity.

A useful guide for when trying to work our how much you will need:

  • VW T5 Side window (sliding door window or panel opposite): 3.2 metres
  • VW T5 SWB Rear Quarter: 2.8 metres
  • VW T5 Tailgate: 3.8 metre etc
  • VW T5 Barn doors: 2.8 metres per window, 5.6 metres in total for bothww

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