Carpet Lining 4 Way Perfect Stretch Sample Card

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Shore Vans 4 Way Perfect Stretch Lining – Sample Card (4 Colours)

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Shore Vans Carpet Lining- Sample Card

It can sometimes be a little overwhelming trying to find the right carpet lining.

From our experience, having used many of the products available on the market we have found that the thick stronger lining is often much denser making it very difficult to manipulate, making a good finish difficult to achieve. On the other side the super, super stretchy carpet tends to be of a weaker construction. Making it much easier to use but it is of a poorer quality which does not wear well and can easily be over stretched during molding.

Shore Vans Carpet Lining is of premium quality, and highly flexible without compromising on strength and durability. We genuinely believe it is the best on the market and offers a happy medium. It is the perfect carpet lining for achieving a superb finish when shaping and molding around tight corners such as window recesses and wheel arches.

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